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Inventory Management

E-Commerce inventory management system

Allows you to handle your e-commerce inventory management with the right stock at the right level in the right place at the right time.
Define each of your products’ stock levels inside
a friendly merchant dashboard, and we handle the rest for you

Stock management for product options

Offering product options & lets you customize the details of a product to fit whatever specifications for customer sees.
However, custom fields can be created to require more stock level of your products. A few quick clicks will get you sell your products!

Inventory tracker - Out-of-stock

Don’t want customers to get the “out-of-stock” notification in your cart? No problem: simply check the allow out-of-stock purchase option in your inventory. Should your product quantity go below 0, we’ll keep track of your negative stock levels and display them in your dashboard. You just have to make sure you can fulfill all your orders!

Get your inventory control now!