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Admin Dashboard

All the important information available at a glimpse. Get a full overview of what is important with total orders, sales, customers, people online, sales analytics and many more widgets

User Management

In order to successfully organize an online store you will need to cooperate with many people, each performing different roles. Our cart allows you to set advanced user privileges and separate access for user groups and users.

Options, Attributes, etc

Products come in different options. Some feature sizes, while others colors, length, height. No matter the case our cart offers a solution on adding extra important product variables.

Coupon Voucher Promo

Allow the store admin to generate multiple coupons on the basis of Various Categories. Store Admin can generate coupon for a specific Brand and customer. Our Shopping Cart offers discounts, coupons and specials to cover the most popular ways to get attention and increase sales.

Unlimited Categories

Create unlimited categories and subcategories and assign products to them.

Unlimited Products

No matter if you want to sell 1 or 1 000 000 products, WEBAYU has your back.


Create filters in the same way you create categories. This is a great way for customers to refine and narrow down just about anything in your store. Easy find - easy buy.

Turn Mail

Our cart offers an easy way for customers to get subscribed to your newsletter. Once they do this you can easily get started with your email marketing campaigns.

Inventory Management

It provides facility to store manager(s) to effectively manage stock. The facility includes store management, product and option level stock management, track store transactions, quick store stock assignment, automatic stock reduction on order, etc.

Sales reports

Get analytical. Our Shopping Cart comes powered up with a sales report, viewed products and purchased products report.

Back-up and Restore

Case of emergency? WEBAYU allows you to set up your own back-ups and restorations. Looking for an easy way to update and bulk edit products, categories and everything else? Discover the popular extensions in the marketplace.